TerraMax, Inc. is a Minnesota-based producer of microbial technologies for agricultural, horticultural, and other applications.

TerraMax was founded in 1998, develops and sells natural products based upon improved soil microorganisms and proprietary delivery formulations. Our leading products, when applied as liquids or powders to row-crop fields, commercial turf or lawns, promote plant growth by capturing nitrogen. Our products may substitute for conventional fertilizers, increasing yields while reducing input costs and sparing the environment.

The research “backbone” of our business is the microorganism Azospirillum. Azospirillum has been recognized as a nitrogen “fixing” bacterium for years, but unlike Rhizobium, which is used to enhance the growth of legumes (largely soy), Azospirillum has been difficult to make commercially successful—neither the microorganisms nor the delivery systems used in the past provided an effective or stabile commercial product. We believe we have solved the puzzle and can provide the marketplace, i.e., row-crop agriculture, commercial turf and the home lawn markets, with an effective product, increasing yield, in the case of maize, wheat and soy, or greatly improving appearance and health of turf, such as golf course fairways or lawns.
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Since starting TAZO® in 2008,
we have had significant increase in root mass.

John Malloy Bear Path Golf Course
I sprayed my new sod with TAZO® and a wetting agent and I had incredible results. Much faster rooting than normal.
Dale Caldwell Minneapolis Golf Course
I have used TAZO® and I am getting
positive results from my initial trials.

Tim Johnson Spring Hill CC
I could tell when I got to the edge that was treated
with TAZO® it was thicker and less infected with Rust.

Mike Johnson St Anthony High School
The TAZO® treated seed seemed to emerge
much faster and more uniform.

Kevin Fernandez White Bear Lake Schools and a Grant Township park field
Simply amazing how fast and uniform the seed
emerged and established.

Mike McDonald University of Minnesota, CSFM
I have never had germination and emergence in an
overseeded field like this. I will be using it again next year.

Larry Erickson City of Coon Rapids - Overseed a badly worn field
We are beyond the snake oil test.
This product really made a difference.

Warren Hoffman Sod
We harvested most of that field this year and where ever we sprayed the TAZO® we had less rust infection.
Fran Central Turf Farms