Research is the backbone of our business. Through scientifically developed technologies backed by years of research, TerraMax creates and produces innovative natural products that enhance productivity and benefit producers, consumers and the environment. Relying chiefly on the bacteria Azospirillum, TerraMax’s family of current products are applied either as a powder or a liquid to seeds, crops, lawns and turf to naturally promote plant growth by capturing nitrogen.


The word “natural” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. The word can cause confusion and it can certainly create distrust. When we say “naturally occurring,” we actually mean it.


Increase your yield and improve your soil by using TerraMax’s scientifically developed and field proven seed or soil innoculants; grow healthier plants and improve profits.


Protect your turf, grow better soil and improve your soil structure. TerraMax’s scientifically developed and field proven products do this for you. Read more to learn how.


Grow better, healthier plants that make the world prettier. TerraMax’s products are designed to improve soil and plant health — resulting in a bounty of foliage, flowers and fruit.

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