TAZO® Azospirillum Overview

In order to create hearty  soil, you need to care for it. That’s because hearty soil is very metabolically active. Soil is in a constant state of flux, changing as the climate, vegetation and environment change around it. Plants and animals respond to these changes and, in doing so, can change the basic characteristics of the soil.

Improve the soil in your turf and sod by leveraging TAZO products. The active ingredient found in all of TAZO products is the bacteria Azospirillum — and increasing the amount of naturally-occurring Azospirillum in your soil will benefit your turf, drastically.

TAZO offers an array of products.

TAZO is available in a broadcast or dry seed treatment form. Both improve nutrient uptake, increase rooting and reduce nitrogen costs — giving your operation a win-win advantage over your competitors. Products include:

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